Weekly Spotlight — 04 December 2017

Drum roll, please… Founders Brewing CBS is back in NJ for the first time in 6 years! CBS is the 6th and final release in their Barrel-Aged Series, and one of the most sought-after beers on the market. Here are 7 fun facts about CBS that explain why it’s so amazing.

1. CBcbs_bottle_750mlS has not been released in NJ in 6 years. In fact, it hasn’t been bottled at all since 2011!

2. CBS was born when Founders stumbled upon bourbon barrels that had previously been used to age maple syrup.

3. The base of CBS is the same as KBS, which is an imperialized version of Breakfast Stout.

4. The inspiration for calling it CBS comes from “Canadian Breakfast Stout,” where maple syrup is a staple in every kitchen. 

5. CBS is available on draft or in 750mL bottles.

6. It has an ABV of 11.7% and a score of 100 on Rate Beer.

7. With flavors of rich maple syrup, roasted coffee, and velvety chocolate melded together, it can only be described as a “transcendental drinking experience.”

To celebrate, Founders is hosting a series of launch parties and CBS-featured events throughout NJ during the month of December. See below for a list of dates and locations, or check the events calendar for details. Come hang out, say what’s up, and order a CBS… see for yourself exactly what all the hype is about. Cheers!


“It’s up to us to really diversify, we can’t just be limited to stouts… we have to push that envelope. You put the right beer in the right barrel and you’re going to create some pretty interesting flavors…” – Jeremy Kosmicki, Brewmaster


Founders CBS Launch Party

Founders CBS Launch Party


Founders CBS Launch Party


Founders Night

Miracle on Centre Street with Founders


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